Support for PhD dissertation needs the highest level of research insight and find expertise in research. With over 10years experience in gathering research data and analysis for research findings and conclusion. We will support you with Indepth Data Analysis that brings meaning to the research objectives. Our strengths cuts across quantitative and qualitative data analysis and in some cases model development for engineering and technical dissertations.

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Our PhD team is highly motivated and academically positioned to assist in dissertation requests. With PhD assisgnments there is the need for proper and efficient academic tone and construction of points. Thesis arguments and comparative analysis have to be properly reviewed to meet the appropriate standards. Data analysis and result presentation is condcucted to meet the desired framework. We follow basic principles for dissertation support as well novel strategies to complete works.

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Research Methods

PhD dissertation needs to be condcuted based on effective assistance. We are ready to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies. Either panel data, synthetic control, stochastic tests, testing of estimators, descriptive research among a few. Our teams is highly versatile to various research methods; Time Series Analysis, Neural Nets, Computational Mathematics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Markov Chain Monte Carlo and similar methods. The need to adjudicate which model and methods is fit for dissertation is ascertain by properly experience team.

Analytical Tools

PhD dissertation analysis requires the need for statistical software to bring to the fore most important areas of the results. The use of R software, MATLAB, STAT, SPSS and simulation analysis tools; Ranging from MATLAB Simulation, Probability distribution functions in R, Pearson and Factor Analysis in SPSS. These tools are critical to support the research findings and conclusion. Our team has performed about 500+ PhD analysis and the knowledge and experience gain is much important for any dissertation going forward.

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