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The Plagiarism checking in Higher Education

An analysis of over 100 hundred student papers from over 200 higher education institutions shows reduction in unoriginal writing, time savings, and increases in student engagement.

Stopping Plagiarism at the Source

Every teacher dreads it—the plagiarized paper, the confrontation with a student, the demise of trust and learning. As schools move toward an online future, educators are understandably concerned about increases in plagiarism.

The Plagiarism Spectrum

Students are often unaware of what constitutes plagiarism. The Plagiarism Spectrum was designed to help students see how plagiarism is defined and can take form.

Positive Feedback Strategies

How do you engage students in the writing process? How do you reach both struggling students who need more personalized and in-depth feedback while challenging students that excel to do better—in a limited amount of time?

What's Wrong with Wikipedia?

In this webcast, we explore the connection between student source choices and the development of research and critical thinking skills. We also discuss the development of the oxglow analytics website evaluation rubric to help students enhance their competencies in evaluating online sources.

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Numerous of clients call for the checking of their similarity index of their thesis. They have shown some satisfactory response.


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